Sleep apnea can cause or contribute to many problems, both physical and mental. It can make life more difficult, cause drowsiness all day long or make it hard to think. Loud snoring associated with sleep apnea can also interrupt a partner or loved one’s sleep.

Luckily, there are effective treatments available for those suffering from sleep apnea. For patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), several treatments are available including:

  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machine: This treatment option uses a machine to provide a constant flow of pressurized air to keep your airways open.
  • Oral/dental appliances: Your Sleep Specialist at Marx Sleep Center will make a custom and comfortable appliance just for you to ensure you have a restful sleep without suffering the effects of sleep apnea.
  • Surgery: This is a possible option to correct physical abnormalities

Treatment from a licensed professional with training in sleep medicine can help you have:

  • Restful sleep
  • Daytime alertness
  • Restored energy
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Improved health


People who have undergone treatment for sleep apnea no longer fall asleep or feel drowsy while doing normal tasks. They feel alert while driving and working, have fewer headaches, and are no longer constantly fatigued. They also have an increased capacity to think clearly, remember things, and communicate more easily. Treating sleep apnea has even been known to handle moderate to severe depression. Most people noticed increased energy and other benefits of treatment immediately.

For many people, taking the first step of seeing your doctor for a diagnosis is the hardest step to take. Your symptoms of sleep apnea may be masked by other conditions or you may even have a wrong diagnosis for your symptoms. It is vital to get your sleep apnea treated right away to avoid further complications or worsening symptoms. Contact us for an appointment to discuss available treatments for sleep apnea.