Living with sleep apnea is hard… until it’s diagnosed properly! This pesky sleep disorder tends to manifest itself in the form of headaches, drowsiness and exhaustion, loud snoring that may bother your partner more than you, dry mouth, and problems staying asleep all night. If you have any of those symptoms, it may be time to come into Marx Sleep Center for a sleep test that will help diagnose sleep apnea. You can also take our handy quiz to see if your symptoms warrant a visit!

Reclaiming Your Life After Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

Once diagnosed there are a few things you can do to reclaim your life and feel healthy and awake again! Here are our top tips:

Decide Between a CPAP or Oral Appliance

The biggest key to successful long-term treatment of sleep apnea is utilizing a device to help keep your airway open while you sleep. Your options are a CPAP machine which is a larger device with an air mask worn over your nose and mouth that pumps a constant stream of air to make breathing easier. An oral appliance is a custom-fitted device that realigns your jaw and mouth to keep your airways open. Depending on your lifestyle, one or the other may be best, and Marx Sleep Center can help you determine that!

Get Serious About Diet & Exercise

A lot of times, sleep apnea can be linked to being overweight or obese, which can factor into airway closures that cause and worsen sleep apnea symptoms. If you’re able to lose a few pounds through healthy diet and exercise, your symptoms may improve on their own!

Use a Humidifier at Home

Dry air causes irritation throughout the body, but especially the throat as you breathe in dry air! The proper level of humidity can potentially help keep your throat and nasal passages clear so you’re breathing more easily.

Live Your Best Life Regardless of Sleep Apnea with Help From Marx Sleep Center

At Marx Sleep Center, we want to help you reclaim your sleep so you can reclaim your life. Call Marx Sleep Center today at (816) 203-0497 to schedule your free consultation to determine next steps!