Do you struggle with sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder where your breathing repeatedly stops and starts? If so, your doctor has more than likely recommended using a CPAP machine to help. CPAP machines can treat sleep apnea by delivering steady air pressure through a hose and mask. 

Without this machine and its treatment, people with sleep apnea could be at risk for several conditions, from hypertension to strokes. So, as you can see, CPAP machines are vital medical equipment for those with sleep apnea. 

Unfortunately, production issues and oversights can occur, leading to product recalls to ensure patient safety.

What Went Wrong with Philips Respironics CPAP Machines?

Philips Respironics chose to recall their CPAP Machines due to possible health risks. Respironics machines use a sound abatement foam that helps reduce the machines’ sound and vibration. Unfortunately, the sound abatement foam has the potential to break down into black particles and chemicals. 

This debris could travel through the machine’s hose, enter the mask, and be ingested by the user of the CPAP machine. In addition, the effects of this foam entering into the human body could result in short-term or long-term health issues, such as cancer.

After discovering the sound abatement foam’s degradation, Philips voluntarily recalled their CPAP machines.

 Should You Continue Using the CPAP Machine?

Those with sleep apnea are asking the million-dollar question. “What happens now?” The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has classified Respironics machines as a Class 1 recall.

Philips Respironics will work with the FDA to develop a new sound abatement foam safe for CPAP users. Once Respironics has created a replacement for the sound abatement foam, the FDA will decide if the new material will place users at risk.

How Do You Proceed From Here?

If you can’t wait for a new device, you’re probably asking, “What do I do now?” Unfortunately, doctors aren’t recommending you stop using Respironics CPAP machines immediately. Why? Because sleep apnea could have critical health consequences, like the risks mentioned earlier. 

The best path to take is to discuss with your doctor whether the benefits of continuing to use Philips Respironics CPAP machines outweigh the consequences. Here at Marx Sleep Center, we’re equipped and have the experience to answer your questions and provide comprehensive sleep apnea treatment. Visit our website today for a free sleep consultation, so you can finally achieve the sleep of your dreams.