You’ve probably heard it a million times… you need a good night’s sleep! But why do you need a good night’s sleep? Let us break it down for you with some perfect examples of the health benefits that your body reaps from a night of restful and restorative sleep, which you may be missing out on if you have a sleep condition like sleep apnea!

Your Immune System is Stronger

Now more than ever, a healthy immune system is key! When you sleep, your body produces bacteria-fighting and infection-fighting cells that are critical for fighting off colds or flus. More sleep can even lead to higher efficacy of vaccines because these cells and antibodies are being generated as required as we sleep!

Healthier Blood Pressure

During the day we are go, go, go, always moving on to the next thing and chasing the next task, fitting in exercise between the million and one things on your to-do list. Sound familiar? We live in a fast-paced world, which can cause stress, which can lead to higher blood pressure! When you’re sleeping, your heart gets a little bit of a break which helps lower blood pressure overall.

You’re Less Likely to Gain Weight

Many say when they’re trying to lose weight they can’t get over that plateau. Well, if that’s happening, one place to look is your sleep schedule. If you’re constantly logging only five hours of sleep a night, you’re not getting enough sleep and your brain reacts to that, releasing more or less hormones. Hormones control your appetite, so when you’re not well rested those hormones get out of whack which leads to increased hunger and overeating.

You’re Genuinely a Happier Human

When you’re asleep your body is restoring your energy banks. It’s filling your cup with all the things you need for peak energy and performance during your waking hours.This in turn helps you combat the stressors and anxiety that can present itself daily, leading to happier moods and less stress.

Find a Solution for Your Sleep Apnea & Reap the Health Benefits Today at Marx Sleep Center

At Marx Sleep Center, it is our number one goal to ensure you’re getting restorative and restful sleep each night so you can be at peak performance levels. Sleep apnea can gyp you of the many health benefits of sleep if not treated effectively, so let’s get to the bottom of your sleep issues and help you find relief. Call Marx Sleep Center today at (816) 203-0497 to schedule your free consultation!